Prostate cancer, treatment and hope.

Today I attended a meeting given by Ken Mitchell P.A.of Metro Urology. Great information given by someone who is compassionate and has a complete understanding of the process of treatment and recovery. I was impressed with his approach and reminded that treatment for any sexual issue is more than a medical issue. The approach needs to encorporate the partner wether straight or gay, it also must give support to the emotional and psychological issues that confront those recieving the treatment, but we (professionals) cannot assume the patient completely understands their needs or fully knows what is going to happen. It is critical to have an extensive conversation about their beliefs about sex and about the cancer and take the time necessary to walk with them throughout this entire time of diagnosis, treatment , and recovery. This may take anywhere from 6 months to several years. The good news – there is great hope for recovery. With the newer approaches to the physical therapy being used and a better understanding of this process for the patient and his partner, there appears to be a greater potential for recovery and less trauma with this surgery.