Depression and Diabetes; the dynamic duo

Batman and Robin were able to defend Gotham City from evil and almost single handedly. They both had their unique ways and worked together to create an environment that fostered safety and security for the residents. Depression and diabetes are a unique dynamic duo that also is very powerful, each capable of reaking havoc on a human being by itself. They are also linked with each other and in combination can have a devastating effect on the humans who live with them.

Research has shown us that they are connected; sometimes diabetes happens first, sometimes depression happens first. People who have diabetes are twice as likely to develop depression as those who don’t have diabetes. The most frightening part is that each of these conditions can single handedly lead to disability, poor self care, difficulty concentrating, difficulty with sexual functioning and relationships, and both can take a huge toll on the overall health of the individual. It is with this in mind that organizations such as the AADE (American Assn of Diabetes Educators) are recomending regular screenings for depression. Medical centers are increasingly screening for depression and hopfully this will have the positive impact we psychologists are desiring. That impact is for more people to get treated for both diseases so they are not such a deadly duo. If you think you may be experiencing either and have not been diagnosed plaese see a doctor, or a therapist for further screening. You do not have to simply suffer with it or “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps”. Have the courage to ask for the help you need. Send me a response if you think you have depression and we’ll dialogue about it. You can get better if both are treated the right way.

Take care, mindfuljoe