Finding Your reason to Change!

So it is 2012, and what is different?  Since this is often the season of reflection and new resolution, I’ve been considering my own stuff.  I took a week off and let myself relax (good behavior), I also worked out five of seven days  (good), made contact with most of my good friends (good), hosted my daughter and her husband for a few days (very good), so why would I want to change anything?  Mostly I have observed myself eat high fat and sweet stuff uncontrolably (very bad), and in spite of being aware of what I was doing I did it anyway.  Awareness and consciousness does not equal good behavior, there is still choice.

So today I listened to a u-tube presentation about changing eating behavior to ward off heart disease.  The presenter Dr Esselstyn made a good case for dramtic eating changes. Similar to Dr Dean Ornish the changes involve very low fat or no fat without room for variations.  The motivation with this dramatic change is the fear of death, since most of the successful candidates have come to a point they may not be able to bennefit from other therapies, so they are forced into compliance.  Not a thrilling thought, but the change is remarkable and they litterally reverse heart disease.

This has caused me to pause, particullarly following the last couple weeks of excess, and consider this dietary possibility.  I must admit it seemed daunting to consider being without meat, fowl, fish, or any kind of fat, but if the payoff is living a life free of heart disease it might just be worth the effort.  While it is not a commitment, I do think about all those wonderful people in my life who bring me so much joy and how much I love being with them, this effort can have payoffs.  There are also payoffs with energy, concentration, and sex because of improved blood flow and increased nitic oxide.

It seems as tough passing the McDonalds today has more bennefits than the brief pleasure of the drive thru. We’ll see how well I do in the next couple hours.