Meditation CDs

Meditation CDs are $12 each plus $2 each shipping and handling. I only accept checks at this time; once payment is received your CD will be mailed to you.

Body Scan and Sitting Meditiation

By Joe Nelson

Body Scan and Sitting Mediation

Mountain & Lake Meditation with Music

By Joe Nelson

Mountaion & Lake Meditation with Music

These two CDs were produced to help you relax. This may or may not be a new technique for you, and I believe there is enough guidance to help you move into a deep state of relaxation. The Mountain and Lake CD is a guided imagery with music in the background. The Body Scan and Sitting Meditation are more formal types of mindfulness meditation. All four meditations will guide you into relaxation, but before you start, find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. This will give you the opportunity to be calm and at peace.

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